We seek out great investment ideas and create the right partnerships to bring these deals to the next level


We have strong relationships with entrepreneurs and business professionals from around the world


We seek out great people and create new opportunities together

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About The Mozaic

Founded in 2003, the Mozaic is a privately-held investment management company headquartered in Singapore. We originate and manage deals in Southeast Asia. We look for great business ideas and create the right partnerships, led by the right people, to bring these businesses to the next level.

An example of a deal would look as follows:

An individual owns a plot of land and is interested to form a joint venture with the right partners to develop the land. The Mozaic would: Sign an exclusive mandate with the land owner. Identify market gaps to determine the best concept. Create a business plan. Recruit the best team for the job. Invest its own capital and assemble the partners, both financial and strategic. Manage the business until exit.

Our deal flow is robust, off-market, exclusive and always opportunistic. We do not chase deals. We are event-driven investors. This means we look for exits within 3-5 years and annual returns exceeding 20%. We believe in capital preservation and avoid undue risk at all costs.

We also believe in the power of recognized brands. We are actively looking to bring the most iconic restaurant brands from around the world to Southeast Asia. We feel this has a natural synergy with our real estate activities as great brands deserve only the best locations. We also have natural consumption via the mixed-use development projects in our pipeline.

At the heart of our business is our relationship with entrepreneurs from around the world. While we don’t invest in existing businesses, we have strong interest in partnering with proven entrepreneurs on new deals.

We are not constrained by fund structures, geography or even mandate. However, we remain intensely focused on picking the right deals and assembling the right partners for each job.