The Mozaic Way

We believe that great businesses have a profound understanding of why they exist, how they work and what they do. These may sound like simple principles, but at The Mozaic, we know the difference between company’s that succeed and ones that do not is the ability of successful companies to inspire people. Inspired businesses define themselves from the inside out, focusing first on the Why. We define the Why, the How and the What of our business as follows:


This is the reason we exist, and more importantly, why anyone else should care that we exist? The “Why” is not about profit. Profit is an outcome. The Why? is about what we believe. At The Mozaic, we believe in working with entrepreneurs to create well-run companies that care about their employees as well as their customers. When it comes to our businesses, people are at the heart of everything we do. We care about our entrepreneurs and do everything we can to make them succeed.


This is how we do things at The Mozaic. The Mozaic Way is defined by our 4 pillars: the People, the Culture, the Process, and the Big Dream.

The People

For a company to be great, the people must be great. A company will become who it hires (and who it promotes).

The Culture

At The Mozaic, we hire people who share our values and beliefs, more specifically, our Core Values. We take culture very seriously at The Mozaic because when we’re surrounded by a group of people who believe what we believe, something amazing happens. Trust emerges. We believe Trust is the foundation upon which great companies are built.

The Process

We have developed The Mozaic Business System; a comprehensive approach to building successful businesses. We apply the principles of The Mozaic Business System to every single one of our investments.

The Big Dream

Every company should have a big, ambitious, audacious goal. This goal must become the company’s mantra as it aligns everyone in the same direction and gives all stakeholders a shared purpose.


Other investment firms do things like invest in real estate projects and open restaurants. While we do that as well, what makes us different is what else we do along the way. We relentlessly seek out the most passionate entrepreneurs and work side-by-side with them to create companies that have strong cultures, have a social responsibility and develop the leaders of tomorrow. We create businesses that have the potential to change our world for the better.