Our business thrives when we join forces with great entrepreneurs. That’s why we work hard to seek out the best entrepreneurs in the market and create joint venture partnerships with them. The value of The Mozaic grows with each new partnership, and this in turn adds value to all of the partners in The Mozaic.

By becoming a partner of The Mozaic, we believe that entrepreneur’s have the potential to grow their businesses substantially larger than would have been possible otherwise. We are working with many entrepreneurs now and we are excited to meet more to explore opportunities.

We are not private equity or venture capital investors. Rather, we seek to create new Joint Ventures (“JVs”) and co-invest with entrepreneurs on a deal-by-deal basis. Other Partners may also be invited to these deals, leveraging off of the vast resources of The Mozaic and its partners.

We are looking for entrepreneurs who are dynamic, have access to great deal flow, and are open to working with a partner that can bring in capital and additional resources to maximise the value of each deal.

Before working with any new entrepeneur, we have a rigorous on-boarding process that entails:

  • A thorough background check
  • Impressive track record or unique skill set
  • Ability to generate deal flow
  • Strong references
  • Cultural fit
  • Exclusive and long-term committment

If you meet these criteria and wish to discuss how you can be part of The Mozaic, please contact us.